Sunday, July 03, 2016

Do you believe in Kenosis? No, not really, not significant to me. Basically as I understand, the idea--Jesus gave up some of his godly powers to be on man's level. No, I don't believe that but believe he remained God. It is all a gigantic mystery and part of the faith experience, anyway. What we have to understand is that God could really do anything He wants. He's God for God's sake.

Michael says, "I am with Al Pachino in the movie "Scent of  a Woman". He said, "God must have been a f..king genius to create women." Roger that. 

When you are tuned into wonderful flesh and the "promise-land" awaits you, for us mere mortals, in my belief, this is in fact the closest to the sacred, to heaven on earth we will ever get in this life. Amen. Now this concept is important. 

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