Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In light of the world problems, Syria, Ukraine, Russians, Africa. What else? We now read that the hatemongering Westborough Baptist Church, with its seventy members, has a family feud going on. Even as the founder lay dying, the daughter continues her  antigay rhetoric, among other things.

Jesus, who preached acceptance and tolerance on every hand, has to deal with the pastor as he makes his journey to the great beyond. Here is a hint: The Four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, are about what Jesus said and did. Everything else in the New Testament of the Bible is about what "others" said he said or did. (The Westborough Baptist Church does what is called, "proof texting"--they take, usually, an obscure Biblical passage to give credence to their hate mongering in Jesus/God's name). They can't do it from the gospels but will say we "believe the whole Bible," thus "proof texting" with some obscure verse or two that allows their anti gay rhetoric. It is an interpretation, a 100% proof texting, which is put forth by total ignorance. (The media is partly at fault for giving these idiots headlines).

OK, here is the big question. How in the world will Jesus handle someone like the pastor of Westborough, the epitome of hatred. Look at just one hateful thing the  Westborough Church types have done--Showing up and demonstrating/protesting at the funerals of dead soldiers killed in our various sorry wars. Anything to get a headline. I don't want to give Jesus advice but this sorry f..ker should not get a pass through the Pearly Gates. Dang, what would Jesus do is a mystery? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Military Chaplain's Association

Sometimes in life, the normal course of things happen which you can hardly believe and you can only say, "you just had to be there." What follows is one of those. 

Jerry and I went to the Atlanta MCA (military chaplains Asso) Chapter meeting for Kermit Johnson (the boss) It was a "hoot." The meeting took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Officer's Club. There were maybe hundred of us. It was the November meeting. The leader announced that they were planning to invite someone from the Japanese Embassy to speak at the December meeting as they remembered Pearl Harbor. There was a kind of stunned silence as the audience absorbed the information. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, essentially thrusting us into WWll. And, for our next meeting we were inviting the Japanese to share in our commemoration. I guess it could work but a little strange. What followed next was truly one of those, "You had to be there." The invited guest and speaker

was Jewish who spoke about Israel and America's commitment to the Jews. To close out the meeting, the "song leader" had us sing some “washed in the blood” hymns after the Jewish talk. The best part was a retired chaplain sitting across from us who could rest his arms on his large stomach. During the speaker’s presentation, he went to sleep after eating several helpings from the buffet. Not only did he fall asleep, he began to snore. At that point, Jerry and I got the giggles and had to get up and leave.  TC