Saturday, August 03, 2013

Annie Ruth

Greensboro, NC: Mrs. Annie Ruth Fields Cox age 75 died Saturday at the Penny Bryn At Maryfield. A Graveside Service will be 11:00AM Thursday at Memorial Gardens, Dunn, NC. Officiating will be Rev. Eddie White. 

I have never thought lots about obituaries until recently. I confess that I always read the obits, mainly in the NYTimes. If anybody reads this, I do not want an OBIT (just one of my  idiosyncrasies) but think they can be important to those grieving. It helps them do something tangible. My experience and belief. 

Yes, I am getting older but it is not that. A friend sent me something called OBIT KIT. Very clever. Then one of my High School classmates died. (Her "obit" leads off these comments.) 
In reading her "obit," I thought, I can do better than this. Here it is. 

"Annie Ruth Fields Cox was a valued member of the Dunn High Class of 1958. Friendly and loyal, her quiet manner belied her fierce independence. A loyal member of the Class, Annie Ruth is remembered, among many things, for staring adversity in the face and overcoming. In High School, the then President of the class had a locker close to Annie Ruth and remembers with much fondness her wonderful sense of humor. She will forever shine in our memories. God bless her on her journey and as the preacher in our class, the Reverend Benny Wood, would say. "We will meet you again Annie Ruth in the great beyond." Amen.