Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Long before it was a popular thing to say or the movie, "Pay It Forward," I knew about it. I was bussing tables in the dining hall at my college and met this older lady. We chatted and the next thing I knew, she was giving me $200 a month. It was incredible, a life line and changed my life. She said, "one day, you will have a chance to pay me back by reaching out to someone else." I have had those chances often. 

Becoming A Christian

After the Sunrise Service at Jackie's Church, we were invited over to a retired USF prof.'s place for b'fast.  Nice guy and I like him lots. He was Economics Professor at USF (University of San Francisco, good Jesuit University). We always have good talks. Yesterday we were discussing the Immigration crisis in Europe. 

He is German and especially was talking about what it means to Germany. Then he said to me, "Scores of the refugees have become Christians." It got me to thinking. Although I see myself as socially liberal, I am theologically very conservative. I believe in the whole Bible and that there are no errors. If they are, they are made by man, not God. I am pre-millinial and believe that a person must be saved to go to heaven. 

By this time, Lamar would be seething. LOL. IF YOU WANT TO BE A MUSLIM, all you have to do is declare you are a Muslim. The praying and all the commitment comes later. To become a Christian, you cannot merely say you are a Christian. You must be converted: accept Jesus into your heart and literally have the experience, saved, if you will. This is a process. Declaring f that you are a sinner, that God in Christ died for your "sin" and his death and the shedding of his blood took care of the "sin"  and if you accept that sacrifice, you can declare yourself a Christian. 

Do we think all these people who are declaring themselves Christian are understanding this or as my friend, Hartmuth says: they think
that if they declare themselves Christian, they would be less likely to be returned as the Muslims would consider them infidels and want to kill them. What think?
 What think?