Thursday, January 19, 2012



 Not arrogantly at all, Dave.  I call it 10 chaps openness, which we all agreed to and still value.  I am hesitant to put the subject of sex on the internet, but would love to have a forum with friends of similar callings and interests on the subject.
Don’t have a “man” yet (I assume you mean for president).  Can’t go for President Obama because he seems to have no sense of financial accountability.  Liked Michele, like Newt, believing he is the one best able to stand up in a good debate with Obama.  Like Romney, but have this fear that Evangelicals won’t vote for him.  I probably would vote for either of the Republicans, although I would have to hold my nose while doing so for Paul or Santorum, even though I like Santorum’s social values.  Perry has probably lost it with the gaff he made in the debates, although he has a proven record as a governor of a large state for 11 years.  I have my absentee ballot already but am waiting a bit more. 

 Don't. Want to come across as one who has it altogether and wouldn 't do somethings differently. I was attempting to relate my thinking process as a result of a couple books I read and with which I found myself in agreement.  Actually if I had to do it over again I would probably have fully retired about 5yrs earlier. Because of my priority of being an involved grandfather.  We have been blessed with 15,soon to be 16 grand children.  I am increasingly convinced that grandparents have an opportunity to make a very significant positive impact on grandchildren.
As I look over my original commentsK I fear that I may have come across arrogantly.
Am listening to the debate.  Who is your man so far?

Dave has done retirement better than me.  My relationship with our oldest son is wonderful, with our daughter good, but in his second marriage we have seemed to be distanced from our youngest son.  Consequently, we don’t get to see the grandkids.
Health wise, I had hip surgery in December, oral surgery too, and will schedule a second prostate surgery as soon as possible.  The first procedure was great for a few years, but the prostate continued to grow and I have to do it again, or keep getting up 4-5 times a night.  I had the “cool thermal” surgery (I think Charlie had it too).  Flomax helps, but not enough, and I am getting tired of having to take so many pills.  So, I look forward to the surgery, having the same thing done, and then, if that doesn’t work it is the TERP.
For ten years after retirement I was chaplain for the Branson Veterans Task Force, was comp-ed motel, enjoyed getting to know a lot of the stars, sold thousands of books.  That got old after 10 years.
Then I had four great years as co-pastor of a community church (UCC), co-pastoring with another great retired Army Chaplain, Merle Dech.  Then health issues forced me to retire.
I hate retirement.  My primary care physician suggested pills for depression, but I am not depressed, just bored!
I enjoyed doing the CD book, Clay Jars and Christians, last year and am looking for ways to market it.   Don’t know if there is another book in me.
I won first place in a Traditional Country song writing contest last year, with I’d Love to Love You, but I Like You too much.  Won $100.  I finished a Christmas song in December, Who Is This Little Boy, and am looking to get it demo-ed and marketed.
I continue to be nourished by good friends, and thank God for Ten Chaps.
Shirley’s health is probably a bit better than mine.  She now does most of the driving.  I am praying for a healthy 2012.
Blessings on you and Clyde, Marvin, in your health issues.  I am happy for your good fortune, Dave, and compliment you and Bernie in your work with international chaplaincies.  
My doctor asked me how I feel (he meant health wise) and I said okay, I suppose, but I have never been this old before and am not sure how a 79 year old person is supposed to feel.  Bernie is older than me, hope he is enjoying good health.
Political?  I seem to be more worried about the nation’s financial dept than most of you.  We can’t just keep going into debt nationally, although it is great that those who need help are getting it.  But, if the system collapses what then.