Tuesday, February 03, 2015


You have got to be s...ten me. The CEO of HP got over 19mil last year. We are making big time progress in closing the gap on "income inequality.  

Sunday, February 01, 2015


Recently my wife was telling me about some FB postings of someone on her "Journey of Cancer." She posted about her treatment plan and all the problems involved. It was pretty dismal. She had the gene that seemingly necessitated a radical mastectomy. Add to that no real family help. Heavy duty issues with a son, already acting out. Very sad. And, yet I know this person has fabulous life skills. 

As one who strongly believes that God is not very involved with us down here, mainly it wouldn't make sense. How would God choose, "Oh, that one can live, that one gets cancer, that one gets run over by a car, etc, ;" See what I mean." This isn't a repudiation of someone who has a belief of more direct involvement. People have to believe what works for them. My view is that God sets life in motion. Gives us good minds and tools and says you are on your own but I have given you what you need