Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gene Park

One of my best buddies just died. It was a shocker. My wife read about it on FB. We just emailed a couple of weeks ago. Sad. Life can be very sad. Of course, one of the really difficult things is that death is so final. They are gone. No more emails, phone calls. Dang. 

Gene, my buddy and I beat around the Army together. We chose different paths for our service. Well, maybe our paths were chosen for us. It is the way of the military. 

Gene was caring for his wife who had dementia. He loved Hawaii and had logged in lots of years there. He came back to Southern California and then AZ. We met up in Tombstone, Arizona where he became a pastor after the Army. Tombstone was one of those towns that Gene said, "never got past the Gunfight at OK Corral." This was probably true. His passing is a tremendous loss of friendship.