Friday, April 26, 2013

F..King UP

A few months ago, I saw the baseball movie with Clint Eastwood. He is a scout. Not much of a movie. Plot as thin as a piece of NC country ham but the story is one of missed opportunities.

Here's a war story that is only slightly related to Ball State. When I was in College trying to be a football player, the Coach talked to us about going back to our High School trying to recruit friends, etc. We had this guy, son of one of my teachers--I talked him into coming to my college. They literally ignored him. I did what I could but it was obvious that the coach's interest was zero. The guy goes to UNC becomes an All American. I wanted somebody from Ball State to recognize him, who had it all: good grades, handsome, great athlete. How lucky they would be. They could put the rush on. They did nothing. The officials had their heads up their posterior. "Ball State who?"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Chaplain's Opinions on BOSTON STRONG

Let's have some dialogue here. This is sad and fascinating to me. Most of us are glued to the radio for news of the Boston Marathon bombing. One dead and we hope closing in on the other. The one youngster on the lam is a teenager. One person interviewed, actually an NPR broadcaster, who knew the teenager. Can't believe it. Unbelievable. Questions, Questions, Questions.

Then comes a program on NPR, "Story Corp." Unbelievably inspirational. An amputee spends his time talking to patients at the hospital where his leg was amputated and who has many amputees. He goes to some bureaucrat at the hospital and tells them that he wants to volunteer to talk to amputees. They tell him to get "out of town." He isn't trained, etc. On the way out of hospital, he runs into the chaplain. The chaplain asks him what he is about. He explains to the Chaplain. The Chaplain ask, "Can he come back on Saturday? He doesn't know anything or why the Chaplain wants him to show up. But, dutifully he shows up on Saturday. It is training on how to talk to people. The Chaplain gives him a Chaplain's badge and tells him, "Now, you can visit as much and all you want." Amazing! Now, this is a Chaplain! Airborne! HooAhhhhhhh. An aside, what a nice story in light of the tragedy in Boston and the on-going man hunt.

I, along with you all, was glued to the TV as the Capture of the terrorist developed. I mentioned to Sandy that it was amazing that we could watch on TV the entire process. I thought during the time that it was so amazing and spoke to the technical proficiency and professionalism of our communication system and the journalist, it must have also put extra pressure on all the Law Enforcement agencies to provide protection, and keep the media from interfering.

The entire Law Enforcement system sure did a terrific job. I was amazed at how quickly they identified the two terrorist/brothers. It also was surprising to me that the two of them stayed in the Boston area. I would have thought that they would have had an escape plan. Perhaps they did, and perhaps it didn’t work….who knows.

I thought the interfaith worship service was terrific. All the Pastors/Rabbi/Preachers did a great job…The President’s speech was absolutely fantastic! It is amazing to me how the radical Islamic Philosophy could do such a good job in brain washing two individual who have experienced the “good American life.” Both of them, especially the younger one, were living a privileged life. How is it possible that they could turn on society and work out a plan to kill innocent people. How could the younger one be involved in such a heinous act and then go the GYM and work out and act like all is well. The only explanation I can come up with is a quote from the Bible: “The Heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.”

I am wondering if these two terrorist are part of a larger cell….I suspect they were…and am wondering if we are evolving into an increasing Israeli like environment. I hope not, but it makes me nervous. Dave

Our governmental leaders have continued to push for policies that create division among various groups and it doesn’t look like it will get better. The sadist change is the move to demonized political parties vs. working cooperatively for us. Look at how much energy and resources are being wasted on calling each other’s party out as the “devil.” TC

I believe the govt./administration/society-at-large is taking an incorrect approach to the dilemma prohibiting terrorism. Often times those that push the present style of how we deal with the potential terrorist quote the constitution/Bill of Rights, etc. In a literal sense they are often right. However, taking into consideration the reality of our present day society I believe we have to be willing to give up a portion of our freedoms. For example, there are those who vehemently speak against profiling often quote the basic concepts of our constitution: Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech, etc. Obviously, these are fantastic concepts, however, our constitutional liberties assume that our citizens are law abiding people who are willing to, when necessary, subject some of their own “rights” for the good of the nation and other people. For 200 years it worked and had fantastic results. Our concept of freedom and the fact that we believe people are “created for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and thus govt. is for, of, and by the people is so right. However, now comes a high percentage of people, including those of the Radical Islamic persuasion, whose philosophy is in contradiction with our constitutional philosophy, which is built on the Judeo-Christian theology. ( I would also include the increasing number of people who refuse to accept our historical heritage; in many cases, the atheist, many of those in the “move-on” movement, etc) Now comes a problem for the pure constitutionalist…a group with whom I would identify. How do we deal with those who bring harm to our society and those who want to compromise our constitutional principles. My guess is: We have to accept the reality of the situation and:

1) Go on the offensive, rather than continually working from a defensive position. For example, we have had huge problems in even defining terrorism. Consequently, our administration refers to the Ft. Hood massacre as “work place violence”; the Benghazi massacre as anything but terrorism, etc, etc.
2) Do away with the concept of “Political Correctness” and start profiling people. At this point we allow “minorities” to put us on a guilt trip and then we back off. In the process of making sure that we are not guilty of the accusation of prejudice, that some Muslims claim, I think we have actually shown favoritism to them.
3) Completely re-work our immigration policy. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" ----a fantastic concept, but at this point, without increased regulation, it is somewhat idealistic. The present immigration policy has overwhelmed the system and we have lost control. I can’t remember which candidate, but during the Republican Presidential Candidate election process, one of the candidates proposed that we put a serious limit on immigration for the next two yrs…..until the system can catch up.
4) Enforce and increase the requirement for U.S. Citizenship, and for obtaining a “green card.” A person by the name of Dr Wolanski has written a book, entitled,Battle for our Minds.” I haven’t read the entire book, but from those snippets that I have read it makes me wish that I would have written it.

Well, that is the dialogue /meditation for the day. I realize that it would be easy to over simplify the problem. Also, I realize that it is not any one particular breakdown in our society that is causing the decline. To name a few: The Christian Church influence or lack thereof; As Marv. Points out, the educational system; the breakdown in morals; the entitlement mentality,..a political system that is, in my opinion, out of control. (could be partially fixed with term limits); the economic situation, etc..etc. Dave

Good reflections on the drama of this past week! There are many questions yet to be answered about how the two got into agents of terror. Is this the start of the trend of white folks becoming the terrorists?

Agree strongly on the work of all of the law enforcement agencies; you can bet that there will be many more cameras installed in major cities. A good idea, however, a continued move away from the freedom of the people. How normal that a very few impact the lives of many. This could be scriptural if we applied it to our Christian witness.

I agree with Marv on his assessment on the loss of teaching values in our schools. I know that this is not PC, however, we go so far to protect the rights of everyone, our system of values hardly exists. I don’t have a lot of empathy for the German family that came here because the German government doesn’t permit home schooling. Peace, Tom

Dave/Tom, these are good comments and I can't say that I disagree with any of them. I am going to have to chew over some of the views. I personally think that we don't need less government but more and I think that a great national tragedy like Boston makes us realize that. If I have been disappointed in the president in anything, it has been that he has moved to the right, in some cases more than George W., ie, use of drones, GITMO still open, Bradley Manning.

One of my big complaints is when the politicians say "American People." This is crazy. It should be the "American people" who care." Not all Americans care. Look at voting percentages.

I am sure that everybody is hanging on every word. But, the Church is in a difficult position. We are all over the map: Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel, the idiot demonstrating at soldier's funerals, And everything in between. And this doesn't even touch the social issues. JDA.


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