Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I think of so many experiences with Lamar. He was the best debater. Honestly few could hold him a light. Lamar loved our Seminary, (ARPAssociate Reform Presbyterian--we always planned to go together for a visit. We never did). It was a good place to be.  Challenging. We had a real "mishmash of students" and had this one guy, still remember his name. Walter Hudson. He was an "Independent Baptist." For some reason, we got to debating the Second Coming. This guy would not let up. One day for class, Walter unloads all these charts and easels. He had about a warehouse full of material about the Second Coming: When it was predicted, why it would happen, etc. The school acted like they had never heard of such. Lamar and Walter got to arguing. Lamar called himself a "pan" millennialist." You have the post Millenial (world gets better and better till Jesus comes). The pre millinial (world gets worse and worse until Jesus comes). And then you have the pan Millenial (everything pans out in the end).   

I never knew Lamar had such a temper. He and Walter started shouting. Lamar started tearing down Walter's posters. The students pour out the classrooms. I think Lamar and Walter are going to come to blows. Lamar didn't oppose the "Second Coming" obvious but couldn't abide Walter's, what he called, angry fundamentalist views. We never let Lamar forget he almost got expelled because of the Second Coming. You had to be there, we laughed for days. 

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